Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy birthday to my beautiful big sister!

Okay so technically her birthday was yesterday- but we celebrated tonight at a small Italian restaurant perched on the inlet in OC,MD. Her favorite restaurant...and yearly choice for her birthday dinner. She scored some pretty sweet gifts- a plane ticket to visit friends in FL from momma, lots of money, and a big buddha bag from yours truly! So to wrap this section up, Happy 22nd birthday, M! I love you!
Now, some big news! Two of the greatest people in the world are coming to visit me Friday and Saturday :)
A little background on these fabulous people- Maggie, Victoria, and I all met when we started sailing our freshman year of college at Christopher Newport. We have spent many  days, nights, and endless hours of practice/ traveling to regattas together.  Basically, we are past friendship. These girls are like my sisters. So the worst part about transferring home to start the nursing program was not being able to take them along. We pretty much are in a long term distant relationship, and every time we are reunited (whenever the girls aren't sailing on weekends, and when I can take a small break from studying) our relationships get so much stronger.  We have nights full of catching up, eating, and laughing till we just can't breathe.  It's just perfect. So basically, i'm so excited I can't control myself. Pictures to come- fo sho.
My attempt to bake a fancy cake for M 
It literally poured on her b-day, then this beautiful rainbow appeared! 

At Adolfo's for dinner :)

Me and my girls! Can't wait for them to get here! 

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  1. happy birthday to your sister. it sounds like she had an amazing day! and your cake looks incredible.

    sounds like you are going to have an awesome weekend with your girls :) have fun.

    i just found your blog and im following x