Friday, January 13, 2012

A little winter getaway...

This past week my boyfriend, Logan, and I took a trip down south to Mazatlan, Mexico.  It was our last chance to get away before I start school again next week... (So long winter break :/). We definitely had a great time! Logan duck hunted in the morning while I spent some time reading and relaxing by the pool. I definitely made enough vitamin D to get me through the rest of the winter, and seriously ate SO much food.... My favorite  part of the trip was a tour we took zip lining through the Verano Mountains. When we finished our tour we had the option to take a Lexus SUV back to our taxi driver...or a donkey and horse.  Of course we chose the donkey :) Here are some of my favorite pictures from our little winter getaway, Enjoy ! 
My donkey ride, and cute new friend :)

After dinner

A Pintail duck Logan brought home to be mounted


  1. entirely jealous of your trip--enjoy the last bit of winter break! now that I'm working, I only dream of winter breaks ;) xoxo {av}