Friday, January 27, 2012

I win the award for.....

WORST BLOGGER EVER! I can't believe its taken me a week to get back on here. School really snuck up on me! BUT recap I had a great weekend with my girls. They ended up getting caught in a bunch of traffic and made it to my lovely abode around 7:30 pm. We made a FANTASTIC Italian dinner :) Pasta with ground turkey and garlic marinara sauce, a HUGE salad, lots of bread ( which almost burned the house down... long story, and half cooked brownies ( put them in the fridge for about an hour...they are sinful...just sinful.) We went and rented a redbox movie (Friends with benefits- not too bad- even the BF stayed and watched with us :) ) then..we all passed out. Probably because of all the excitement & food. Success.
We had reservations the next afternoon at a local tea room in my hometown, Berlin. Berlin is actually a great little place in MD if you are ever passing through... Runaway bride and Tuck Everlasting were both filmed there. My mom owns a fine jewelry store right on Main St... so we spend a lot of time in town.  It was pouring rain when we woke up ..but still had a great time shopping and drinking tea! Maggie found a great scarf at a local boutique, TaDa, and I even scored a black mudpie tunic I've had my eye on for a while ( finally on sale! 20 bucks! ) Here are some of our pictures from tea... excuse us for looking a little wet... like I said...pouring outside! Enjoy :)

ME! So excited to be with my girls

We ate all of the food shown here...every bite

Victoria & Maggie :)

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