Monday, January 16, 2012

A soiree and a doggy day...

Soo this week has been low key since we returned from our vacation. I've babysat and even surprisingly gotten ahead  on some pre-reading for school.  My cousin, Kristen, sells thirty-one products so Saturday night my family got together at my aunts house for a little shindig/soiree to buy some bags and enjoy each others company. I found myself constantly drifting towards the dessert table ( I don't know whats happened to me since and spent some time with my older sister as we instagramed pictures of every food dish at the party ( we know..we are lame). It was a fun night, and I even snagged a new lunch box to bring to school/clinicals.

And then...Sunday came.  Since the BF and I aren't huge football fans ( but we are marylanders... so GO RAVENS) we decided to celebrate something a little more near and dear to our hearts- the birthday of Logan's black lab, Gunner :). We took him to the family farm, played fetch, and let him indulge in an endless supply of dingo bones.  Talk about the good life... Here are some of my pictures from the weekend ! Enjoy !
Me and my beautiful sister
Fattys photographing food

and more...

anddd..last one

Birthday boy, Gunner :)

My Logie 

Happiest dog alive

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  1. I would totally be hanging out at the dessert table too! That looks delicious!

    Also, I tagged you on my blog :)